VR Labs

The Challenge:
Science teachers and their students share a unique set of problems; science content stays theoretical for too long, making it difficult for students to quickly learn new and challenging material. It is difficult, often times impossible, for students to directly interact with science content in traditional non-digital labs because what they are trying to learn is a simplification of principles that are either too complex, too large or small, too dangerous, too expensive or just not easily observable. The lack of detailed, accurate, interactive, real-time models means students struggle more and take longer to learn science.

The Solution:
In collaboration with several International Baccalaureate schools, Parable developed VR Labs to offer a completely new immersive and interactive way to learn chemistry, biology, physics and ecology. Students and teachers can work together and explore science material in both an open-ended and guided exploration lesson format. Learning happens through active building, creating and testing in VR in a way that is just impossible in traditional labs.