We believe people learn best by doing, which is why we create immersive, interactive training experiences using virtual reality.


We help companies train with industrial equipment. Our custom-made training solutions give workers an unprecedented advantage to learn and train by interacting with technically complex and dangerous industrial equipment in virtual reality, the same way they would on the job. This approach is designed to save our clients time and money, reduce workplace incidents, and increases worker efficiency and proficiency with industrial equipment.
Please contact us for a demonstration if you are interested in learning more about immersive training have how it can impact your business.

“We believe virtual reality is fundamentally changing how people learn and train in the professional environment. Our mission is to shape this next wave of learning and training by making this technology accessible and affordable to as many companies as possible.”


Sam Ryan

MSc. Strategic Product Design Delft University of Technology

John Heukers

software engineer
MSc. Game & Media Technology Utrecht University

Octavian Nasui

software engineer
MSc. Game & Media Technology Utrecht University

Kassym Kushkimbayev

3D artist
BSc. Game Design & Production Saxion University of Applied Sciences